Digital stamp-reward-cards

Say goodbye to paper-based stamp reward cards

Are you looking for a way to step up your customer loyalty game?
We’ve got just the thing for you! Our digital stamp reward cards are accessible on all smartphones, making customer engagement and retention easier than ever before.
No more lost or forgotten physical loyalty cards.
And the best part?
You can now get this customer loyalty solution for less than a daily cup of coffee.

Starting your loyalty program couldn't be easier.

Experience the convenience

Experience the convenience of digital stamp-based reward cards. Are you tired of burdening your customers with yet another physical card to carry? Would you like to save money on printing costs? Our digital stamp-based loyalty cards are your solution.

No more wallet clutter

Most customers are inundated with paper and plastic loyalty cards filling up their wallets. Digital stamp-based reward cards provide a tidy, hassle-free alternative.

Never lose a reward

Customers often lose physical reward cards, but our digital cards stored in their smartphones mean they’ll never miss out on redeeming their rewards.

Constant visibility

Did you know that the average person checks their phone 200 times daily? That’s 200 daily opportunities for your brand name and loyalty card to grab their attention!

Feel special

Everyone loves VIP treatment. Our digital stamp-based loyalty cards make your customers feel special with every unique offer they receive.

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Foster ongoing customer engagement

Surpass the limitations of paper-based loyalty cards and build an enduring connection with your customers, no matter the distance.

Winning the customer retention battle hinges on one principle: enticing your customers to choose you over your competitors, time and again.

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Elevate your business

Harness the power of push notifications. Deliver compelling messages straight to your customers’ smartphones, driving an influx of sales traffic to your business.

Exploit the capabilities

Automatically deliver personalized messages when customers are near, maintaining constant visibility.

Zero hardware investment

Issue stamps & rewards through our cloud-based application, eliminating the need for special hardware purchases.
It is possible to integrate our Customer Loyalty Solution with your Point of Sale 95%+ of the time.

Tech-Savvy not required

Utilize our cloud-based solution on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Forge an unbreakable bond of loyalty with your customers.

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