Loyaltymaster Features

Keep your customers forever.

A modern smartphone displaying a digital wallet application with various cards, situated above its rear side, revealing a triple camera setup.

Easy to set up, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

Loyaltymaster features work in harmony to help you better understand your customers. These tools enhance customer loyalty and increase profitability for your business.

A smartphone displaying a loyalty card qr code for star-coffee with options to share via social media.

Get new customers fast!

Built-in Referral marketing
Loyaltymaster makes it easy to encourage current customers to promote your products or services in exchange for Rewards.
Let them advertise your loyalty program to their friends, colleagues or family members with the click of a button.
This is the most cost-effective way to get new customers fast.

Stay always in contact with your customers.

Free push notifications
Push notifications are a highly effective communication method and do not cause negative emotions in your customers. The notifications are displayed on the lock screen of your customer’s smartphone and in the notification bar. This establishes a deeper connection between your customers and your brand and has a high conversion rate.

Smartphone screen displaying notification push messages from Loyaltymasters about loyalty points and a referral reward.
Mobile screen displaying a customer search interface with a field for inputting a name, phone number, or email, and a sample customer detail visible.

Easy to use and fast.

No new hardware or integrations are needed to reward your customers. 
Our PWA scanner app is user-friendly and effortless, so you can easily reward your customers. It is easy and fast to use and will work 100% even during busy times. Creating individual manager accounts for each employee makes it easy to track transactions and prevent potential fraud.


Attract customers automatically.

Location-based notifications.
Get an advantage in a busy market through location-based notifications. Attract customers who might otherwise choose your competition by messaging them automatically when they are in your vicinity. This is also a great way to remind customers about your products, services, and any special promotions that you may have.

Make your brand very visible.

Apple Wallet and Google Pay.
In today’s digital age, customers are constantly on their smartphones, checking them up to 200 times daily. Loyaltymaster integrates your digital loyalty card with  Apple Wallet and Google Pay, which are available on most smartphones. Now, you can have your digital loyalty card next to your customers’ virtual credit cards, hotel bookings, and flight tickets, making it easier than ever for them to stay loyal to your brand.

Loyaltymaster digital loyalty cards used in a coffee shop
Person holding a smartphone with a screen displaying a settings menu.

Build a customer database.

Know who your customers are.
It’s important to create a database of your customers’ contact information. Expanding your customer base will likely increase your profits, and you will also gain a better understanding of your audience’s needs.

Elevate your business.

An easy-to-use cloud-based solution.
Unearth the goldmine of loyal customers and boost your sales with our cutting-edge digital loyalty card software. With our easy-to-navigate cloud-based platform, administering your loyalty program becomes effortless. Issue or revoke loyalty cards at your fingertips, track reward progress and automate push notifications to keep your customers engaged and informed. Step into the future of customer engagement and watch your business soar.

Integration with API Webhooks and Zapier

Improved customer experience.

API and webhooks integration are available.
Our digital loyalty card solution can be easily integrated with various cloud-based solutions, including point-of-sale systems and thousands of other applications through API and Webhooks integration. We also offer automation solutions like Zapier and similar to streamline the integration process.

Zero effort migration.

Import your current customer database.
Do you currently use physical loyalty or discount cards? Switching to our digital loyalty cards is quick and effortless. You can import your current customer database within minutes, and your new digital loyalty cards are sent via various messaging systems and email. You can also implement them in-store via QR Codes.

Identify your top customers.

It’s essential to identify your top customers.
Typically, 20% of your customer base will generate 80% of your future sales. It’s crucial to know who these customers are to keep them satisfied and, in case they leave, to entice them back with attractive loyalty rewards as soon as possible.

Customers stay forever.

RFM Analysis.
Segment your clients automatically by their purchase behaviour. Our solution includes RFM analysis, which focuses on customer segmentation for targeted marketing, thus increasing customer retention and profitability.

Now, you can automatically segment, rank, and categorize your customers based on their transactions. This innovative tool lets you pinpoint the top 20% of your customers who bring in 80% of your business and profit. By analyzing their recency, you can also identify customers who may not return to your business for various reasons. With this knowledge in hand, you can implement strategies to win them back, boosting your business.

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