Key Details about Loyaltymaster

Loyaltymaster is a cloud-based platform that provides various digital loyalty programs for customers. These programs include digital stamp or punch cards, digital reward cards, digital points-based loyalty cards, subscription cards, membership cards and gift cards.
These digital loyalty cards are conveniently stored in your customer’s Apple Wallet, Google Pay, and WhatsApp.
The platform is designed to be user-friendly and requires no training or coding skills.
The target market for Loyaltymaster is small business owners.

Details about Loyaltymaster:

      • Industry: Internet Software & Services

      • Sub Industry: Internet Software & Services

      • Industry Group: Software & Services

      • Sector: Information Technology

      • Location: Based in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.
        Our Servers are based in the United States.
        We have Dealers Worldwide.

      • Number of Employees: 12

      • Tags: Information Technology & Services, Technology, Web Services & Apps, Marketing & Advertising, B2B, Mobile solutions, Apple Wallet and Google Pay

      • Founding Year: 2019

      • Tech Used: Google Apps, Nginx, Recaptcha, WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Chatbase, VBout, Recaptcha.

      • Industries: Loyalty Cards, Loyalty Solutions, Smartphone Applications, Mobile e-commerce, Loyalty Management

      • Number of Locations: Worldwide via SAAS Platform.

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