Coffee Shops

NOTES: Sit hier in blogs wat vertel van my kaarte wat fiktief is.

Works as well for Deli's, Fast Food outlets, Bakery's, Juice Bars and Ice Cream Parlors

A digital loyalty card system which is as good as your coffee

Send Push messages to your clients smartphone

Totally Free & Unlimited

No more than 15 minutes to setup your first loyalty card

How to use

Choose loyalty card type

We support all the major loyalty card types. Choose from 6 different programs.

Design your card

Start with over 100 premade templates or use our easy to use card builder to create your own card design.

Customize the loyalty card

Make it your own

Upload your logo and select the colours for your card. Add the rules, your contact info and business location.

Download loyalty card

Download your loyalty card

Download the PDF which was automatically created loyalty cards QR-Code and installation instructions.

Promote your loyalty card

Place the instructions to install your loyalty card in offline locations and share the installation URLs on social networks.

Loyalty card CRM

Grow your loyaty numbers

To make this a success you must do your best to get all your customers to install the loyalty card on their smartphones.

Let’s get in touch

Whether you have a quick question or want to learn more about our loyalty solution, we have the answers and insights you’re looking for.

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